Tonner Doll is Starting a Blog! Yes, it is true

Welcome to the first post of the Tonner Doll Company’s blog. We are super excited about the idea of blogging because we have so much to share, not to mention that our fans and collectors have much to tell us about as well. Let us know how this goes for you, feel free to comment on all our posts and tell us what you like, and other things you might like us to focus on in this new medium. We are building this together.

So for a send off, let’s let Robert take us through our Kingston store again, something we posted a bit ago. Always nice to see Robert with his creations gathered together all in one place. A small preview for the doll and figure bonanza happening in just a short time at convention in Chicago, our 20th Anniversary!

You can of course see our new & now growing library of video on our YouTube Channel.

7 responses to “Tonner Doll is Starting a Blog! Yes, it is true

  1. Welcome to the Blog world. I have added you to my Blog Roll.
    I’m looking forward to more postings. Lovely store video you have posted.. my mind races wanting to visit. 🙂

    1. Thanks Paradise Blue for the welcome, and thanks for adding us to your blog roll! We are pretty excited to have a blog now where we can talk about and share so many different things. It is still in the experiment phase, looking forward to see what develops. Let us know what you think through comments.

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